Famous for: Gauchos (cowboys), tango, steak and Maradona.
Phrases: genial, barbaro (cool), asqueroso (disgusting), fiesta, partusa (?), pachanga (party).
History: (...) Perónist Kirchner now has the pleasure of negotiating talks with Argentina´s unfortunate creditors and getting the economy back on track. Best of luck, Néstor (?).
The National Psyche: Argentines have a world-wide reputation for being spoiled, stuck-up and egotistical. They seem to think they´re better than anyone else, and that they belong in Europe rather than at the tail end of a third-world continent like South America.

(*) Lonely Planet 2004. Las negritas e itálicas y los acentos faltantes o sobrantes estaban así en el original. El "Best of luck, Néstor", también.

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Kiken dijo...

Cuanta envidia que nos tienen, peronistas tenían que ser (?)

Corbatta Rojo dijo...

Gauchos (cowboys), tango, steak and Maradona...

Estamos fritos (fried)